Singularity & Time travel

I used to stare at stars for hours in childhood wondering about stars & planets. Being son of a geography professor i always had advantage that i could ask any doubt to my dad & would always get a satisfactory answer. When i was in 5th or 6th, highschool days! A show used to air on discovery channel called Stephen Hawkins Special it was about time, relativity, big bang, blackholes & everything about space.

Something about black hole was special, always made me interested in knowing more & more about it. I used to discuss big bang theory a lot with dad but not as much as black hole. I learnt that if you compress earth to pea size amount it will act as black hole, it won’t lose it’s weight but size would be as small as pea!

Here are a few more things that i would like to share about singularity or black hole.

Black holes are among the strangest things in the universe. They are massive objects – collections of mass – with gravity so strong that nothing can escape, not even light. The most common types of black holes are the stellar-mass and supermassive black holes. Stellar-mass black holes are created when massive stars explode, leaving behind a black hole with the mass of just a few suns. Supermassive black holes exist in the hearts of galaxies and usually contain the mass equivalent of millions of suns.

  • The “point of no return” around a black hole is called the “event horizon”. This is the region where the gravity of the black hole overcomes the momentum of material spinning around it in the accretion disk. Once something cross the event horizon, it is lost to the pull of the black hole.

The fact that the massive gravitational influence of a black hole distorts space and time in the near neighbourhood. The closer you get to a black hole, the slower time runs. Material that gets too close to a black hole gets sucked in and can never escape, but if we manage to not get sucked in it could be our key to time travel! We all know time is relative if time near a certain black hole is as slow as 1 minute equivalent to 1 year here on earth we can build a spaceship which will orbit around the singularity at a speed at which it doesn’t get sucked in due to gravity we could manage to make time travel possible! 50 minutes around that black hole and when out travellers will be back they would be 50 years ahead in future! Unfortunately there is no singularity so close they’re light years far from here but since it’s a singularity it’s not that unfortunate because singularities tend to pull stuff in & even light can’t escape once it enters event horizon.

  • Fact that black hole is a hole in space doesn’t mean it looks like a hole we see in day to day life it is a hole in 4 Dimensions! And how does a hole in 4 Dimension looks like? Yeh you guessed it correct it looks like a sphere & not a circle.

Stay tuned!

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