Here is the heart of girl who is trying to express herself.

Everybody wishes good morning before a speech or article, but I won’t.

Anyway, I will start my topic by taking the speed breaker of progress into consideration when it comes to a girl’s life.

Yes, Yes I am talking about the society.

The mindset of the society is measured by the way they treat a woman.

And the shameful thing I found, is we are living in the society were girls are killed by men if they reject the love proposal or killed by parents if they accept the love proposal.

These people treat girls like just another day’s headline.

I remember that day when a guy asked me that what girls do by getting so many marks in exams, he gave examples of the owners of Google, Reliance, Apple, Facebook, Microsoft etc.

For me it was like a guy smiling because he came second in some competition, and such guys don’t think about a woman getting the first rank, and celebrating their victory by underestimating woman.

So for the boys who are celebrating for their victory, I want to give example of Mrs. Arundhati Bhattacharya, who is the SBI chairperson, CEO of ICICI bank Mrs. Chanda Kochhar, and AXIS bank CEO Mrs. Shiksha Sharma, Mrs. Indra Nooyi CEO of PepsiCo .

I gave these names because these many women are the part of the women society who give loan to these owners.

Just like that guy, there are people who think girls are not responsible, than they should Google for Indira Gandhi, who represented our country.

Not only this, There are many who think girls are not physically fit, than I think they need to improve their GK. I don’t think I need to give any example, instead of using Google for _ _ _ _ , you can Google that thing.

The only thing I realized in 2016 is:

*Before Olympics:

It was… SAVE the girl child!

*After Olympics:

It changed to…SAVED by the girl child .

Hence proved, that Girls are not full stop for this developing country.

By the way, you all should notice this thing that, In 2016, an Indian man won Mr.World beauty award and Indian women are winning Olympic medals.

Yes, The time is changing.

For the boys who never look down…. You should look ahead there. Girls are ahead you.

There were days when girls were not allowed to attend school , now the time has changed, people say it’s a good time now, but I don’t think so, I mean now they are able to attend the school and colleges, I do agree… but …what about their safety?

I mean going to take education is a small part for future, but they are getting suffered to take that small part till future is something society doesn’t care for.

Now here is 2017, and we listen to the exact same things what we used to listen, I mean the same vulgar comments on girls, about their body and what not.

In short, time has changed, but context is the same.

I don’t understand, Why such men forget that a strong man doesn’t need to put down anyone or a woman to prove himself to be powerful.

Society thinks that cases like harassment, rape and all happen because of the clothes girls wear. And this is, from where the definition of disgusting begins.

People always want a proof when it comes to a girl, so want to give example of Draupadi (from Mahabharata), as far as I know, she used to wear sari, or traditional wear what a society wants a girl to wear, still she was a victim.

Anyway, Society thinks that character of a girl is judged by her clothes.

And I think, it does. YES!, IT ACTUALLY DOES.

of course clothes decide character, look at her and it will decide your character.

It doesn’t matter from what family or traditions you belong to or what kind of clothes you are taught to wear, none of us deserve this kind of abuse.

It’s not about what is to be worn by a girl or how they should look or they should act, it is about basic human decency.

Society is the one who disrespects a woman’s character, her ambition and what not…

I do agree that girls are not born with that physical health boys have, I do agree…but you know what!!! it actually shakes a woman to her core when she faces those embarrassing moments every moment.

For a girl, thinking about such _ _ _ _ things is not less than a nightmare, but when it happens in reality, trust me, the definition of pain is something which is less appropriate, even a Google can’t find that single word for what a girl goes through.

The only difference between  a molesting guy and a girl is, when a girl is facing that, at that moment she thinks of her brother, father, husband, son or you can say a male person for help during that hard harsh moment, but I wish a molester would have thought about her sister, daughter, wife or mother during doing _ _ _ _.

This is disgraceful, this is intolerable.

I don’t understand that if a girl can maintain a custom of baring the pain perched by a man and staying quite, then why can’t men do the same thing by not using such disrespecting and vulgar words for women and controlling such harsh actions on her.

This is not how a decent human behaves or a normal human being behaves or you can a say a real man behaves.

Anyway, After having so many problems also, it is scientifically proven that an average woman smiles 62 times a day, and the average man smiles only 8 times a day.

To be loyal, I was feeling proud when I asked my younger brother about his views about a girl. He said…

My sister has taught me.. a girl is like a sister, SO PROTECT HER.

My mother taught me that.. a girl is the one who gave me birth, SO RESPECT HERE.

My father has taught me that.. a girl is the one because of whom he is able to go for work and work for hours without any worry, SO NEVER UNDERESTIMATE HER.

If you keep these things in your mind, you are a gentleman.

Trust me, society is just an influencing environment, to test ,with what kind of thinking you are given by your family.

Anyway, I want to say this to every parent or future parent:

Apne bête ko itna kabil banao ki kabhi dahej maangne ki  naubat na aye

Aur beti ko itna padhao ki dahej dene ki zarurat na padhe.

There are 948 girls per 1000 boys, logically girls should demand dowry if a boy wants to marry her.

“Now” is the time for all of us to roll up our sleeves and say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. This should be stopped right now.

Always remember, that we belong to our family, not society. And when I say family, it includes every gender.

Now, Good morning to everybody.

Thank you!

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