It might not be wrong to say elections are the time when politicians are most active, but politicians are not only people who are related with elections we as responsible citizens are having as important role as them because it’s our vote which decides the future of country.

If you’re looking for a reason to get up from bed on election holiday & vote ‘it decides your country’s & your very own future’ sounds a great reason to me. Many of us have just turned 18 I myself go eligible for voting this year & I am not going to vote because government or politicians are asking me to vote, I am going to vote because it is my right to vote and as it decides my country’s future it is my responsibility to vote.

“whom to vote?” is biggest mystery every voter has to solve before voting, I am well aware of it because it bugs my every time since the time I was not even eligible for voting & I personally think we should not vote the politician who promotes the political party the most neither, voting for a person just by judging him by his/her political party’s leader is a wise thing to do . Vote the person who you think will be part of progress of country by doing so you can be part of development he did, you can be the significant part of progress of country just by voting!

I am going to vote, are you?

Stay tuned!

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