When we hear word education first thing we remember are books but education has nothing to do with books, Books are medium to provide education. In this article I’ve written some of my views on education & education system.

Education is the process of facilitating learning, or the acquisition of knowledge, skills, values, beliefs, and habits. I believe education system should be changed. Everyone suggests same but the thing no one tells is how?

To change education system we first need to understand it properly. Our traditional education system is pretty basic and unchanged from hundreds of years. We buy books, teacher explain most of part of what’s in them & there comes the most waited part exams. I don’t hate exams I am supporter of exams even after being a student who doesn’t score 90%+ in exams. Exams are really important part of education system. Purpose of exams is to test ‘what & how much we learned’ and ‘how we’ve used or we use the knowledge we have’. But actual picture of exams has changed to ‘how much we grasped while mugging up?’ This is one of the parts which should be considered most while bringing changes to education system.

Next part which should be considered changing is ‘whatever is taught in conventional educational system’ change in this might solve the mysterious question ‘if education is really important for success?’ In my opinion answer to this is Yes! Basic education is really important. Success is not a destination it is journey & education is path! When we give examples of people such as our famous chai wala who is now PM of India we forget that even he himself got basic education, he can do basic maths, he knows how to read and write & so did most of successful people know to do so. There is no option to education but don’t forget when I say education I mean real education which means things like values & other personality development should be taught. Problems like sexual harassment can genuinely stopped by education when children at very early age are taught to respect people & their choices, to care for others & not to hurt anyone not because they’re our close ones but because it is correct to do so, they should be properly taught when to use “tit for tat” & “eye for an eye makes the whole world blind”, even self defence should be taught, Basic Mathematics is important, language & communication skills have same importance, geography & history have significant importance, Science has great importance. Everything when taught in proper proportion gives a great blend of person who everyone would want to be. These skills can make a person survive or rather flourish in any given situation. Being better than before is always a desired characteristic. Everything is possible through education, proper education.

Medium of education?  Medium of education should not be restricted to books, books are important source of education but they’re not the only source wide range of sources are available due to developing technology from television screens to hand held devices like tablet PCs. Practical education should be given higher importance because that’s what is going to be useful in future.

Freedom to choose education according to interest and capabilities : There is wide range of things which can be learnt and be successful in like art, research, technology, engineering, astronomy, cooking, music, etc. There should be freedom to choose what they want to do in future from very early age & should not be forced to choose any stream like medical or engineering, fields like law & arts are great carrier choice too.

To every student i would like to say choose the field you like & you think you can excel in. This way we can get better doctors, better engineers, better astronauts, better soldiers, better people who are more focused & less stressed in life because they’re doing what they like such jobs can make people happier and more successful & this all can only happen with a simple change “freedom”!

Stay tuned!

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