The Lone Ranger – Nature Out Of Balance

The Lone Ranger   This movie reminds me of Shanghai Knights not the entire movie though but just the chemistry between Chon Wang and Roy is what I see in this movie between Tonto and John Reid. The scenes where the Comanche’s bury Johnny Depp and Armie Hammer, the initial train fight, there are many(…)

Scenic Route – Highly Recommended Movies

Love to see California’s Death Valley? This movie will take you there. It’s been a long time since I saw a movie with less graphics, less characters, less traffic and less whatever. I used to refer to the rating in most of  my previous posts based on IMDB which is biased and hence have stopped(…)

HTC Designers Arrested

HTC Corporation, formerly known as High Tech Computer Corporation is a Taiwanese manufacturer of leading smartphones like HTC One, has filed a complaint to Taiwan’s Investigation Bureau against its Vice President of Product Design – Thomas Chien, Research & Development Director Wu Chien Hung and Senior Design Team Senior Manager Justin Huang (the mind behind(…)

Top Horror Movies

Well its been quite a while since i posted something in this section so here is a list of horror flicks for you, watch them if you haven’t and also please do share your movies that sent chills down your spine Title Year   The Exorcist 1973   The Shining 1980   The Evil Dead(…)

Add Media button not working in WordPress 3.6

Recently updated my WordPress version to 3.6 and today when i was drafting an article i clicked on the Add Media button on the Add New Post page and nothing happened, turns out to be a bug but there is a quick fix that you can do to launch your add media dialog, just follow(…)

Google Chrome URL Extension

Google Chrome URLs are well known and used by most of them, for those who are not aware of what Chrome URLs are you can have a quick look at the nice article posted by Martin here. Though some of these URLs are easy to remember, and yes that happens only when you start using(…)

Keep your reminders with “Google Keep”

Google Keep is a cool app that reminds people at the right time they want things to be done. All you have to do is type what you need to do and set the reminder; if in case you want to add pictures that can help you remind better (for memento guys ) you can(…)

Do you know your Facebook Email ID?

I am sure many of you would be knowing this information but as usual this is just for people who are not aware of this information, everyone who has a Facebook account has a Facebook email id too Yes!!! and you can see whats your Facebook email id by going to About Page of your(…)

How to know your Chip Type

When i wanted to download the Windows SDK there were 3 types of downloads (x86,AMD64 & Itanium) each for the respective Chip Type. Now for those who don’t know what their chip type is  there is a simple command that could help you to know it. Go to command prompt and type echo %PROCESSOR_ARCHITECTURE% If you are wondering(…)

Could not load all ISAPI filters for site – SharePoint 2010

Recently to install a third party application I had to I install .NET framework v1.1.4322 . Though a bell rang inside my head, I went ahead and installed the .net v.1.1 . Yesterday when I tried to launch my SharePoint Site the web page threw “HTTP 500 Internal Server Error” on my face. I first(…)